Coming home from Leipzig and slept with my legs 
curled up, back arched against the window 
the driver avoided the main roads
and so we took a curious route, 
mapped out 
I suppose in advance
the man in front of me was coming in from Bucharest 
when I arrived home I was miles away
Is it comforting to have the concrete bulk of the Bundesfinanzministerium building as a waymark? 
the obscurity of swatiskas chipped off buildings
the place has so many long words with dark shadows
and there were so many shadows by the canal of course
the late bus was impossible
as you can imagine it was better to walk
The untergrund was barred and a grist of homeless people lay against the orange tiled walls
a culture of bacterium
a seige of cranes
a dissimulation from Romania 
a  quiver from Bad Berka
all waiting for the morning
that pale view of no hills
and when I got to Seestraße through the window of a speilhaus
or a shisha lounge, 
one of the markers of difference

two lovers through a window
tucked together
we were the last people left awake

At night
the dissonance hums through the house
the house we bought
with our love and patience
the fretful night with her departure
night ward
and I am closing off
closed off to dominic, to julia,
and sometimes I feel closed off, even to her
and in dawn's canto
I retreat and she returns
enclosed like her cocoon
and I am in such a desultory fashion in the morning
see my Laocoön, all serpented,
and I have become so unappealingly vapid
drill set, makita, hammer hand
and it repeats

In the process of covering the Maungatapu Murders, the lurid account of which spread like lupin blossoms across the fields of Victorian sensation- such a sensational age, the students in my class started to lose focus on the details. I mean naturally they got the specifics right - the five bodies, the dead horse, the stolen gold; but everything else became a blurred mess in the past, something malleable and reformed. I remember teaching them the definition of reformer, and getting them to model moulding clay with their hands making it into a tube, hands in the air. Their little reformation of the past: Sullivan as villain, Burgess as some gentlemen- this confused mess. For a week we had their pictures on the wall, four sepia men on the wall. It didn't really clarify anything for them, what motivates people to violence, their fears and their vast silences. 



I am so swag with my swagedy swaggy swag. Its no ordinary type of swap. Its my swag, my swagedy swaggy swag.
My swag is better than all your guys swag. If you THINK YOUR SWAG IS BETTER THEN MINE YOUR WRONG! I shall rain down on you with great vengeance.


My swag is so awesome and large that your swag is invisible to mine. When I walk down the steret everyone exclaims "Wow". That swag wouldn't fit in my tramping bag. My swag is more than just a hobo's bag, its my life and soul but I shouldn't brag.


There has been an outbreak of swag. Barricade your homes, avoid all contract with infected individuals. If any sign of swag in your family for any traces of swag. But personally I think I ...oh no ... I became one of them. I'm a wag swaggalicious, how to deal with your swag problem Take out your phone look at it carefully then look in the mirror and notice they are both different.


My swag is better than yours
your swag is nothing compared
to mine, noone can bring swag down its in the clouds
thats how much swag
I have to show.
I have swag people don't know how much I have
people can't see it, people think they have more but there a speck compared to mine.
Noone knows about myswag its too big to.

Swag I believe is an overly used word that I dont care about it just sounds so uless to write about what is this actually supposed to mean. What use is I mean.. Why do people even sawy it?
This word is the worst word I have ever heard.
It makes me want to kill the one who says it.
It is the most annoying word I want to pull out their tongue it gives me a massive head ache when people say it over and over again.


Lancewood is the worst of all the New Zealand trees.
When you look at it, you wouldn't realise it is actually a tree, but it apparently is. They have done tests on it, apparently, to find that it evolved in some sort of competition with moa to not be eaten by moa. I imagine these tests to involve some sort of mock up of a moa head, and not be particularly scientific. Moa don't exist anymore, but lancewood has "stood the test" of time. When you look at lancewood, compared with moa, it hurts thinking about the difference that having moa still around could have made. It hurts thinking about some scientist with a moa puppet head mock eating lancewood leaves. When I was younger I saw scientists as solely men with beards in olive green shirts, which is a fashion choice that isn't really used so much anymore. This is the image I have in my head when I imagine their experiments on lancewood.