a blog is created every five seconds

and papaiti sounds like a tropical island or something perfect. it probably is a small suburb in a north island city or something. and giles used to make serious money off his website, apparently. but he is more into promoting free music on his website at the moment, its pretty spartan and all, but thats acceptable. and giles hands blur in the photograph

so scared sometimes, and sometimes stare with wide dilated pupils. really anxious and nervous. and how the whole place stretches out so oppressively, and you don't really know what to do. so the pacific ocean. and imagining it doesn't fix it, and holding it in in your lungs all delicate, and indefinite doesn't. wide eyed and all.  

rumored to be the best person possible. simone is my favourite writer

Johnny Hall's brief moment of celebrity, featuring on prime time New Zealand television. My brother is also in shot. I can't explain Johnny Hall, but he is very interesting. Anyway, he has something that noone else I know has, a proper website all to himself. It could be really self indulgent, but then I think if you are prepared to write things on the internet then you are going to display some degree of narcissism.

wrote something about himself

Tobias is now in Wellington and is some sort of journalist looking for scoops, his internet blog has his recordings and moving writing. I think I will cover his latest song, he makes such good music also looks like a pretty serious musician in that photo.

all yr internet dreams come true

Richard is still in Christchurch and makes music at this myspace address, I am pretty sure myspace is dead but his music is still available and can be downloaded too. Definitely recommended.

anti party

Shea goes to the best gigs but does spend a lot of time listening to music. Probably a lot of time looking at nice photos.

so he was going to call his band drunk shea

Amy is the best person. She writes this nice blog which makes me want to express more affection for things. This blog has no trace of narcissism, which seems unlikely.

this girl

Joseph is a hardworking person, his level of commitment is impressive. something to aspire to.

real bass heavy

Maja is new to blogging, but she already has the best aesthetic.

vincent gallo vs. edvard munch

Rachel and Anna, now also including Charlie and Joseph, write this idiosyncratic blog which is always worth reading. it is like text messages sent to a friend when really bored on a bus from Pipe Hayes to the city, costs £1.70 for one way. England's bus fares are pretty much keeping the economy running.

maybe profound, probably banal

my brother andrew has written as a sort of self defence. he is probably in a different league from everyone else because his writing is completely unaffected. i mean its not trying to be anything other than it is.

andrew draws better than he writes