I’d like to point out the chemical similarities between the key chemicals in Adderall (dextroamphetamine, C9H13N) and meth (methamphetamine, C10H15N).The two are amphetamines, they both act similarly, their chemical structure is almost identical, and yet one is prescribed to children."1

Amy was talking to me, guarded. We don't talk too much anymore and when we do its distant. We were meant to meet up in the week so she could give me the cable that connects my camera to my laptop, but when I got into the city on the day we had arranged she had already gone. It wasn't too much of a problem, there are always other days and that day was a particularly nice day and I was in a good mood. Anyway, Amy sent me this story about her worst enemy in high school,
Grant Flood . She said she was extremely happy about it. Grant Flood has an appropriately apocalyptic name, and my sympathies extended to him purely on the basis on his strong name. Grant Flood, her worst enemy was apprehended after smashing up a motel room, waving round a kitchen knife and dealing drugs. And there are so many motels on Blenheim Road; for out-of-towners come in to the city for business or pleasure, for the nearby Addington raceway, for conferences or for Riccarton malls two storeys of shopping. And Grant Flood, Amy's worst enemy in high school, there waving kitchen knife around, the outline forming a gleaming and crisp form against all methamphetamine rohypnol paranoid visions. How the motel beds sheets had so many different people sleeping on them, how the toilet had inadequate sized soap and how the differentiation between motel and hotel is determined by the internal or external access to the room. How the motels offer SKY television on faded signs from 1994, and how the motel owners sit and think of interior decorating schemes to maintain a corporate look at minimum outlay. I never thought too much about Grant Flood before, and I won't think about him again.

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