Jon Lemmon mastering the album. He is pretty particular, as far as production goes. Also has a map of the world from the USSR on his studio wall. We worked about fifty hours on the album. I mean to be honest, a lot of the time I wasn't really doing much. They, and by they I mean Albert, Jon, Mike, Caitlyn and Sarah, had a copy of the London Review of Books from January which was a real time filler.
Used at least ten guitar boxes. Went "real well."
I would say the album is finished now and it has at least three radio friendly singles on it. Which is more than normal. I started the album in January 2010, so it is a relief that it is over. Just want to make songs like "American Boy (Featuring Kanye West)" all the time. The song promises a lot, like within the first minute Kanye states "This is the number one champion sound" also "[Estelle and Kanye West] the hottest in the world right now." Technically, song only peaked at eight or something on the charts but still, real great track. Apparently derived almost completely from Will.I.AM solo record. Probably not exactly a recipe for a great track, you know like traditionally. But slays it on that jam.

My friend Hamish Parkinson, who has been doing better than most of my friends with his projects - as in just got, well not "just" but basically "just", got named The Award for Best Production Comedy for his play Square Eye Pair . Anyway, he made this music video for my track "Bathysphere", definite brooder anthem circa 2009. He is writing here at the moment too, worth reading.

So also, heard good news from my family who seem to have done okay and everything is going real well. Sam Ellis, of my other band, Canterbury Rams, has moved to Hamilton and has a new job and seems to be going okay as well. Really miss that guy. All the time. Feel real bad because I had his drum in the garage of my flat but couldn't get to the flat post quake so its basically lost. And by basically lost, I mean real lost.