I am so swag with my swagedy swaggy swag. Its no ordinary type of swap. Its my swag, my swagedy swaggy swag.
My swag is better than all your guys swag. If you THINK YOUR SWAG IS BETTER THEN MINE YOUR WRONG! I shall rain down on you with great vengeance.


My swag is so awesome and large that your swag is invisible to mine. When I walk down the steret everyone exclaims "Wow". That swag wouldn't fit in my tramping bag. My swag is more than just a hobo's bag, its my life and soul but I shouldn't brag.


There has been an outbreak of swag. Barricade your homes, avoid all contract with infected individuals. If any sign of swag in your family for any traces of swag. But personally I think I ...oh no ... I became one of them. I'm a wag swaggalicious, how to deal with your swag problem Take out your phone look at it carefully then look in the mirror and notice they are both different.


My swag is better than yours
your swag is nothing compared
to mine, noone can bring swag down its in the clouds
thats how much swag
I have to show.
I have swag people don't know how much I have
people can't see it, people think they have more but there a speck compared to mine.
Noone knows about myswag its too big to.

Swag I believe is an overly used word that I dont care about it just sounds so uless to write about what is this actually supposed to mean. What use is I mean.. Why do people even sawy it?
This word is the worst word I have ever heard.
It makes me want to kill the one who says it.
It is the most annoying word I want to pull out their tongue it gives me a massive head ache when people say it over and over again.