I wake up and there are strange leaves in my bed

I have not been in nature

I have been walking the city bemused


And the seasons course around

and what do I have to show for it?

a holy relic here

a discarded berry laying on a fence post

holiest sanctuary

the posterior vanes all slurry and water washed in the grey surf

a jar filled with the curving koru shells

white and delicate 

how I mourned ways

and how I coursed through the fields all whiplash and sullen silence

sometimes the sunset emerges triumphant

sometimes hesistant on the road back

when I am driving

which I said I wouldn't

I was emphatic

and the road coarses and passes by 

the patience of this time

the days of heaviness in the fields

all around turning to haystacks

without the rural idyll

cast it off

it has no need for you

There I was

temporarily Apollo

on the quad bike aflame

my bedsheets a trammel

sand falling everywhere

my body darkened in the sun and hardened

and the weight of the confusion

is the heaviest of sunsets

curving around

and placed into a jar


Fragments, the brittle feeling of the summer ending
the fields all heavy and waiting
the caustic feeling of hay on skin
the last swim of the season
before autumn's hesitance. 





Nostalgia being the preeminent mode and concerns about this notwithstanding, was concerned to see the archive slowly leaching away into digital ash. And this concern coalesced into a remaster of this album, with a few newer things on the album. It is mostly I believe crisper and have attempted to remove the morbid levels of bass in the recordings from 2008.  I hope you enjoy and you can download for free on the 12th of February, but not before. 

Track Listing

1. An International
2. Reverie Reverie
3. Lisa Stansfield
4. Mount Pleasure
5. He Treats Me Like a Slave
6. Prepared Piano
7. 5.40am
8. Like Birds
9. The Lustgarten
10. Her Nights
11. Saw You As Euripides