positive kultur

And every time I am at Maja's house that she is housesitting for the summer, and it is perfect you know. All careful fabrics, like at one in the morning how we were listening to Deep Forest, of course, and we laughed so much that night, and I looked around me and the striped clothing hung from the from pegs on the wall and the curtains and the pillows were almost too much sometimes. And it looks out over the Lyttleton harbour, unless you put the shutters up as she did before the new years show I played. Because, obviously there is no better way to spend a new years than listening to my music. But mostly what I think about these days is how that song by Brian Eno is being played all the time at that place, with the broken pug dog staggering around folornly. And how serious I look in the photograph by my friend Richard. And how much I adore all my friends. Which is okay right? Its just a good time currently.