oh you jodie foster

turns out the girl jodie foster is a regular edith piaf or something, a regular france gall. Little fifteen year old jodie foster trying to sound all world worn and whatnot, and appearing with herself multiple times in the video, in the shimmering dream land that was the seventies I guess. Presumably the seventies wasn't just like this, all carefully assorted outfits; jodie foster as a fifteen year old in white, as a fifteen year old in beige annie hall aesthetic, or casual beige fifteen year old foster. not even the director of the video knew which one was his favourite, an issue that is loaded with huge psuedo/not even really psuedo just like blatant sexual connotations, what with her being underage as she sings about like "going one whole night through but with who? With who?" in her song "La Vie Chouette," which is so much better than this one. Like so many things, I guess we never find out who.