On the day I was evicted from my house I met Casper. I got off the bus and was walking ahead and she sort of came up beside me, really close, and said "Do you mind if I walk beside you? I don't like walking the street alone." I said "That's fine I guess" and I smiled at her, I think I also said "They are pretty dangerous streets," which is only partly true. She had these upturned shoes on which were brightly coloured on the inside, she also had some strange overhanging trousers that had some fabric that hung below her waist. I asked her name and she said it was Casper, like the ghost. And I was like thinking how she really was something. She had this sort of pixie hair cut and this short little cantonese face. She said she was from Hong Kong and she didn't like Christchurch much. And then after saying that she reached her house and disappeared. The strange this is I miss her so much you know.