babe we'll never go back

I spent a week downloading and listening to the entire Bruce Springsteen discography. I spent $2.00 on I guess a rare cassette of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performing the entirety of "Born in the USA" live, of which there is more reverb than most live shows. Also this absurd like four minute long self indulgent spoken word song. I spent $25 on a denim jacket, so I could closer resemble Springsteen. I spent the best part of a week discussing the finer points of Springsteen's production on Born to Run, how it emulates but never really surpasses Spector. I purchased the album "Born to Run" for $10. I looked at the outtakes for the Eric Meola photoshoot for Born to Run so I could pick out exactly what he was wearing; double leathers, a torn singlet, Elvis Badge, Fender Telecaster/Esquire while resting on Clarence Clemons. We made a Bruce Springsteen shrine with two mirrors, some gold fabric, beads and tea light candles. I found outtakes from "Born to Run". I found Springsteen covering Suicide. I recorded a covers album of Born to Run. I made a compilation of the best Bruce Springsteen songs so you wouldn't have to get like caught in a vortex of Bruce Springsteen. Its not really worth it. Two good albums. Lots of filler.

Released April 2010

1. Thunder Road (5.02)
2. 10th Avenue Freeze Out (1.06)
3. Thunder Road II (5.49)
4. Night (3.04)
5. Born to Run (3.30)
6.She's the One (2.48)
7. Meeting Across the River (4.46)
8. B. Springsteen Synth Dreams (2.28)
9. Jungleland (8.56)
10. Born To Run II (5.10)
11. Dancing in the Dark is not actually on Born To Run (4.36)


12. Thunder Road (Joseph Harper Cover) (5.29)