tobias fan club

When Tobias played in Wellington, Sebastian looked at him with this look in his eye. I mean he had a smile on his face, but it was a confused smile. Tobias didn't look so certain live either, he looked distant and the songs sounded forceful but imprecise. But Tobias has precision within him, the songs are as final and as vital as you make them, but in my mind they are all pretty important. DS 1 and DD 1. The bar was moderately full of people, mostly friends of Tobias who seemed in parts both supportive and also confused. But Tobias was playing the hits, and they came out in glistening delayed vocal lines and occasional distorted guitar lines. He looked somber and greying.

Bruce Springsteen sitting in his room writing the song Candy's Room, Springsteen rising gaunt and stark and rundown. Tobias does it better, Tobias does it all better.