later skater

J. Phillips (left) T. Brockie (right)

Played a show in my bedroom with Tobias. Tobias played guitar through a practice amp/pedals, and I played drums as best as I could, which suffice to say isn't that great, especially when the drum kit is all half falling off itself and all. My room is sort of large enough for shows. Tobias had his back to the audience throughout the five songs we played and I really can't play the drums. Tried to do this visual effect with lighting and everyone came into the room and it was pitch black and then we started the show and then I turned on the lamp but it only sort of worked.

Previously, I played a show with my friend Sam Ellis, who looks like:

in all colours that aren't featuring in richard's photographs of the show. Anyway, we played as Canterbury Rams and it went really well, even did a springsteen cover to show the audience where we stood on the springsteen v. other music dichotomy. Sam has a Canterbury Rams jacket, its red and has black lettering. I bought a Mount Pleasant jacket for two dollars, which was the greatest deal of my life. So now we are basically set to become the best band possible.

Oh and mount pleasant/with moths definitely playing another show at antonios in the city. Hopefully its going to be just like that photograph.