clare wieck

Dream pop from real christchurch outsider music, she has like eleven fans on facebook. I mean this is a pretty great jam with a bridge and everything (?!), if you have facebook you should probably click like on her page. Clare Wieck is a really uncontrived person, and really doesn't want to perform live which is a shame because she also has "the voice" and "the hooks", you know? Like it sounds really controlled and elated, but this song doesn't really seem to be trying to be anything but likeable with it's little highlife licks and driving toms, and background dream vox. Like when a song reminds you of like fleetwood mac backing vocals - like tango in the night era (the best era?), the magnetic fields (basically this song sounds like that world love song on 69 love songs which is okay as far as references go even though when I asked her about it she didn't really know the magnetic fields and I was like we should probably hang out and then she said we should go to some music networking thing in the city to build music networking skills and it was sort of intimidating- not that she is personally intimidating just the conference) and cocteau twins (but like blissed out cocteau twins); it basically slays completely. And also, she is a really lovely person which comes through in the song I guess and her cupcake concept which I think was Johnny Hall's concept, which for me is sort of questionable with that sort of cutesy cupcake culture but its no deal breaker. She has this german boyfriend as well who seems pretty nice, like real gentle and sentimental maybe? We danced to prince in the summer at her sister's wedding and it was nothing but the best times.