Polish Women


Spent the day listening to that Glenn Gould interview disc as part of the Glen Gould box set that I am slowly working through, it really takes months to get through and much longer to understand, I mean obviously the works are enjoyable first time, but when he starts being all negative towards his earlier more pianistic works in that interview you are all like "what?!" and he even does like explanatory piano figures for the interviewer who laughs at all Gould's jokes, and Gould had this extremely mannered and proper buttoned down yale accent just by the way. Which is okay, I mean Gould was a pretty interesting guy. Hated performing live, like explicitly says that he dislikes anyone that regularly attends concert performances. But yeah I am definitely really appreciative of that box set. I don't know what I will finish first: Roberto Bolano's 2666, the Glenn Gould or The Aztecs. Of the three, at least I made some more progress today on The Aztecs, real bliss pop evocation shuttered onto the Phil Collins sample for the redux of "Florida". Probably doesn't work on the album, anymore than Toby's "Blitzkreig Summer" does. Its not a real big deal though.

Anyway, so I was looking at the internet for Polish women, and found this amazing photograph. Real great right? Like it stopped me completely, real nonchalant Polish fashion. It was from an article about Polish female/women composers

During the course of my research I also found that recordings of the music of Polish women composers are rare and written information in English practically non-existent. Unless some changes take place their music will suffer the same neglect and over-sight in the annals of western culture that has plagued Polish women composers in their native country for years.

The article is filled with useful information about women and classical music in Poland, if you are into that sort of thing. Mostly I was into the aesthetic of the women, but the article seems to suggest classical composition has sort of ended in Poland since the seventies? Who knows?

Like so much is great in this photo I can't really believe it.