On being a real big deal

Featured in print, upside down jpeg means you have to print it off to read it unless you want to swap it around and read it, but then you have to go through all sorts of hassles and I mean not even I wanted to go through that sort of hassle.1 The article is real positive, because I am a real big deal? It was in the "bands to look out for" section or something, not giving up on my desk job. Ever.

I don't know, having a real good time making music with Jon Lemmon at the moment, we played this big show at San Francisco bathhouse for the St Rupertsberg ep release, and they were real great. They were a big band. Jon and I not so much. We just look so serious all the time.

Gave myself this real questionable haircut, really badly cut fringe. I was trying to pass it off, as it it was an "honest fringe". Its not, firstly, I mean what does that even mean? Self justifying a bad haircut is a real bad habit, just as getting a pair of scissors and cutting the hair in the first place is. Especially when I have no real talent in hair cutting. Sort of go through real unfortunate phases where I think that cutting my hair will be a really great idea. It isn't. Madeleine is doing her first heart surgery today which is a way bigger deal, and currently every one of her work stories is at least 4 times more exciting than my work stories. I can't compete with cauterising flesh, but whatever. Talking about selling books from web orders can be interesting too. I have started this wall at work with all the babies I know in my life. I am competing with the other wall with at least twelve babies sellotaped onto the wall, I have about four. I am not like a father or anything. Maddie is going to come home and will have seen a real live beating heart.

1. I could have inserted it into "Paintbrush" but as I hate using the Mac version of Paint so much, and I really do hate it.2 Its right up there, along with being bored and sweating. Imagine how much better life would be if you were one of those people that had no scent. Apparently onions and coffee make you smell bad too. Life is so bleak.
2. Tried other free image software for macs, also really bad. ALso really dislike new Microsoft Word, and was all blissing out when they had Microsoft Office 2003. Pretty sad to be real excited about old Word. Real sad. At the same time, that new Microsoft Word is unbelievable. So horrific.
3. Found out that :

Office 2010 was given the version number 14.0, to avoid the version number 13.0 due to superstition and triskaidekaphobia relating to the number thirteen.

Kind of confused a computer company would feel the need to appeal to superstition, or whatever. Also architects that miss out the thirteenth floor. Triskaidekaphobia is really something you know. Also in Afghanistan, 39 is a really unlucky number. Sometimes this blog gets really trivial.