Have to say three concise points, no footnotes.

1. The best album of the year is actually Julia Holter's "Tragedy". It is really good, it basically sounds like the second side of David Bowies Low, but stretched out to a whole two sides of the vinyl.

2. I am on holiday now, so I won't be writing at all until at least January.

3. Released a christmas e.p. here. It has had a huge response, feel ever closer to retiring and living on a Pacific Island.

That is it for 2011 I guess, thanks for "being there" and also buying "The Aztecs", if you want to get a free cassette or something email "mountpleasantmusic@live.com", probably can "help you out". Seriously need to start posting more "pleasant music" for the large amount of hits I am getting from India looking for "pleasant music". So much festive cheer right now.