Juno lay in bed very still, barely moving. In fact for at least two minutes she blankly stared off in the distance in this malaise that was understandable, given the context, but still sort of remarkable considering she is three. She resembled the figure of the infanta in the painting Las Meninas by Velasquez, in that they are both blonde and have casual expressions.1 However the regal air she had composed was somewhat limited by the way in which her stomach was exposed and the just juice container that she had impassively sipped on before, taking it down in ambivalent little sips, was resting on her stomach. While Juno was sleeping, she fell out of bed onto the carpet, which shouldn't have broken anything. But her collarbone snapped, in the Xray her collarbone had clearly snapped, it was if someone had got a baguette and broken it in half or something.  The two parts of the collarbone had run up next to one another as if to make the most of the moment. So Juno is so still at the moment, sitting up in bed and all filled with this premature suburban malaise that should really set in years later. She was brooding so seriously, I mean it was moderated by episodes of Peppa Pig and Maisie, but I had seen the expression before. Such portent. Maddie and I both went round to check on her and she seems you know, holding up. I mean she is a pretty adorable kid, you know.

1. Someone spent a long time on the page for Las Meninas. Also did you know that Magpies recognise themselves in mirrors, trivial information sure, but terrifying as well. What else are they hiding?