Slave To Love

Bryan Ferry got married probably about a month ago, I don't fastidiously pay attention to Bryan Ferry news, or any of the Roxy Music gang, hence the belated response to this - also the way in which this is probably the only time I am ever going to spend anytime thinking in depth about any member of Roxy Music that isn't Brian Eno, who I think about all the time. I wake up in the morning and I am wishing I still had Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy, or that Brian Eno and I were hanging out, maybe going swimming or something. I wonder if Brian Eno and Bryan Ferry used to have some sort of competitive issue with the way in which their names are essentially the same except Brian Eno's is spelt correctly. If Bryan Ferry, while sleeping with his son's ex girlfriend, is sometimes still sort of troubled by it, the whole Brian/Bryan conflict, waking up late at night and just sort of lying there in bed, lying face up, intently looking at the ceiling and feeling that deep enmity like some heavy blanket being laid over him and suffocating him, feeling it so keenly and intensely. So yeah, that was the real point of this whole post buried in there. Bryan Ferry has got married to his son's ex girlfriend. There are all sorts of miseries a parent can inflict on their children and swooping on their girlfriends is probably right up there, its not enough that for your entire childhood you would be defined as Bryan Ferry's son, and obviously it could be worse - like Cliff Richard's illegitimate children, or having anything to do with Rod Stewart like as an Uncle or something, but even still there is this insiduous image of Bryan Ferry as a late night prowler, or worse at some dinner party when he was plagued by this profound sense of guilt as he was finally and irresistibly seduced the younger woman. What inspired this? Was it his collection of antique fabrics?  Was it his late period work that elicited a deep emotional response? What is Bryan Ferry really like? Is he tender? Is he truely a slave to love? Only presumably his first wife and his new wife can really answer that question.

So yeah the son that he took the girlfriend off is pretty identifiable, probably always adopts the same sort of sullen pose when around his father, arms crossed with a vague attempt to smile but ultimately haunted by his fathers conquests. Still at least Bryan looks real happy.