Really great hypnogogic moments on Skype 

 I became super confused while watching this informative video about Pasifika education in New Zealand when a picture of New Zealand's favourite historical figure Vladimir ""You cannot make a revolution in white gloves" Illych Lenin popped up behind the children, benevolently watching over their learning. When was this acceptable in New Zealand classrooms?

Look at lil Lenin. What happened to this lil guy? Why does he, even as a child, look like he is going to defiantly cause a revolution and kill the kulaks, even the little children, in their sleep in little dank homes in. Seriously, look at the lingering evil in his eyes. What happened to innocence Vladimir?

 Took this brooding screenshot during the film "Moneyball" which was the eighth film about baseball I have seen, baseball film classics in my past include - Matt Le Blanc's poorly executed foray onto the silver screen "Ed" is one of the worst films featuring chimpanzees about baseball, "Eight Men Out" I tried to watch when I was eleven and was unbelievably bored,  "Angels in the Outfield"- but not the sequel "Angels in the Infield", "Airbud: Seventh Innings Fetch" - probably one of the least convincing of the Air Bud series; "A League of their Own" - featuring Madonna in easily her best film role and Tom Hanks in what is probably a middling Hanks role; "Bull Durham" and "Field of Dreams" which sort of ridiculously are only two of the five boxed set of Kevin Costner baseball films, the Air Bud series makes considerably more sense as there is a dog who can play a range of sports, as opposed to Kevin Costner who we already know can play Baseball and is "mentioned in Lil Cory's "Ballin' Remix" from the mixtape Da Return."  Pretty poignant that this is the only known pop culture reference to Kevin Costner on the wikipedia page. Brad Pitt looks like Kathy Bates in this shot. "Moneyball" was really good, not at "Angels in the Outfield" level but I mean its pretty hard to beat literal angels helping out a struggling baseball team as a plot device.  

Series of photographs from Google Earth of Christchurch that might get demolished. I felt this obligation to save them for posterity, as you would not believe the complete complacency toward seventies-nineties architecture in the "Garden City". Inside this early nineties arcade building was a pretty good Korean food/snack shop where the guy working behind the counter on nights was always really bored and had this cool guy attitude, often relaxing on the counter while listening to Korean rap and having an equally bored girlfriend with sort of gingery coloured hair wishing she was somewhere else. The shop had a really small clothing section for no reason. 

I watched this documentary about Miles Warren, and he described this building as the "Orange Roughy". It was voted at the time of its construction as one of the ugliest buildings in Christchurch, which was saying quite a lot considering the context. It has this sort of postmodern palladian motif employed and maintains the same receding window treatment of his earlier office blocks but that is basically all you can say about it. I just enjoyed the massive public outcry this building had when it was constructed, because it is ultimately a pretty inoffensive building and basically follows the same pattern as other office buildings in the city, it even has a lil attic level - such a thoughtful touch. That Miles Warren, a real thoughtful guy. Other important details revealed in the documentary was that Miles Warren never married and lived with his sister and her husband. This was never explored in the documentary even though it probably should have been the centerpiece, the big reveal. 

These buildings are probably goners. 

My parents are probably moving again in Auckland and I was looking for the "dream house" for them, because I am a dutiful son or something. Anyway, found these two options in Franklin, or Sandringham. Helpful hints when selling your tiny dining area. Maybe don't keep the seats up on top of the table like some sort of sculptural installation. How hard would it be to put the chairs down? Not very hard. People are so confusing. Also note the bland wall art on the walls, and way that they painted over the ceiling beams in an Arts and Crafts bungalow, little features that really get me disappointed in house owners and people. Probably would storm out of a dinner party in this house, or at least make some bitter muttered comment about the ceiling. Cause some awkward silence in the dinner party conversation and the assorted middle class dinner parties guests might try to laugh it off and I would chose that moment to walk out. Also make some comment about it being really hard to sit at the table because all the seats were on top of the table. 

This house was okay but really confused by all the mess in the bathroom. Aside from the three flannels on the towel rack - its called a towel rack not a flannel rack. The toilet cleaning products are all well and good in your day to day dealings in the household but not when you are selling the house. Also a massive pile of Purex brand toilet paper might seem like a really great idea when it is on special at the supermarket and you pile it up in your shopping trolley, even though when you consider the area that toilet paper would take up in an average sized shopping trolley would mean you could probably only get four toilet paper twelve packs inside the shopping trolley and maybe some New Zealand Woman's Weeklys or something slid down the side. Sometimes they have "The Economist" at supermarkets. Again, having heaps of toilet paper in a photograph used to sell your house is maybe not the best idea. Sends out some questionable imagery. Also not crazy about the shower, feels like that type of shower will date really soon. 

Don't really know why this was on my desktop. It looks really tender though.