floor fillers

Hard hitters from 2010, slugging it out real hard. Also just like individual tracks not a mix which is better because you can just skip the chris brown if you have an issue with him. It's tough though because like that "Yeah 3 X" song is pretty unbelievable. Also like really hate the new Taylor Swift album btw, as far as disappointments go its like the rest of Liz Phair's/Courtney Love's career. I am still sort of optimistic that she can make it as a Kelly Clarkson singles player but not as an album artist like that ke$ha album, which was suprisingly better than than expected but its going to be a huge sophomore slump on that one and design wise is easily the ugliest pop album of the year, excluding the R O K K S T A R Taio Cruz album cover. Also good is the album "Cerulean" by Baths, out on Anticon, and this Night Slugs Comp which I could have put heaps of tracks on but put the Jacques Greene.