MX: year in review/self takes

Just chilling with the cat in New Brighton, real great bedroom in the way it overlooked a rundown shed and I could listen to like the hum of the computer in the living room at all times. Don't really know what the cat's name was. Also like incredible never ending supply of peaches in about February which I ate with everything. Roast vegetables and peach. I liked it; Hilary, Amy, and Sam didn't.

Keeping it real at Galway Avenue. Real nice curtains.

Bleak Winter at Galway. I didn't really heat my room. Would sometimes sleep in my clothes to stay warm like in Russia. When I say sometimes, I mean most times.

Just loving my job all the time.

Chilling in Auckland in possum merino jumper. Best purchase of the year. Sort of confused why everyone doesn't invest in one, like really luxurious feeling. Inescapably luxurious.

max, great hair, great teeth.

post traumatic cup of coffee.

new house, new cat. lime walls, big mistake landlord.

another sweet self take.