On the virtue of ruddiness

When did ruddiness stop being an attractive physical attribute? Why are there no ruddy stars anymore? I spend most of my days waiting for ruddiness to become the new big thing, sitting on the cusp of that wave. Feel really embarassed in public, playing big shows etc. with a ruddy face. I doubt if I could confirm that ruddiness will be a big deal in 2012, but it could be. It was in 1785.

Washington literally had the pick of all the ladies he could get in polite Virginian society, everyone wanted to dance with him or something. He also was way taller than everyone else. 1
This is basically how I live my life, except I am not as tall. You know just sort of regular. I am a regular guy. Man this is a great blog post. Just going to write way more about myself in future. Currently reading a book about Washington, listening to Ravel. Livin' It Up.
1. Also check out his incredible paunch. Things were so different in the eighteenth century. His clothes, instead of concealing that paunch, accentuate it. Making virtue of it, how virile he is. True story, Washington wasn't virile. Such a deceptive guy.