Viking Sagas.

Economic History.

Cliffhanger ending to Season One of West Wing, almost as good as that season of Shortland Street that ended with a character hanging off a cliff. So unbelievably great, felt like my heart would break.


Utilising smiley faces in business emails at work. Feel real "urban professional" whenever said event happens.1

Feeling "urban professional." Walking to work with other "urban professionals". Seeing older "urban professionals" with tousled hair. Insouciant hairstyles.

How in Viking Epics people break the narrative by knocking out a really great/obtuse poem that kind of gets lost in translation but is still really amazing.

The song "Hey Moon" on the John Maus' album "We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves", easily the best title of any album this year, definitely on a top list of Moon songs, including Moon River, You Me and the Moon. Using the moon as an extended metaphor is really recommended in songs or just in general.

Taking time out from "blogging" to come back strong, feel like Sonny Liston. All the time. As I am typing.

Apparently Pina Coladas are the national drink of Puerto Rico. Which is, you know, news to me as I didn't think nations had favourite drinks, in the same way that nations don't have hobbies.

Zomby "Where Were You in 92?", both hardhitting as an album and a relevant question.

That scene in Harry Potter VII Pt II where it cuts to wounded Voldemort. Wish the camera had held on that little moment forever. Would have been a pretty succinct closing sequence.

Trying to promote my album. Its going really great.

The Hair of the Kings of Leon and how in ten years its going to looks sort of embarassing unless we really are in "hyperstasis"

Destiny's Child.

The song "Absolutely Everybody" by Vanessa Amarossi or something, so much truth in the lyrics. Also/especially breakdown in the song, followed by build up with just wailing horrific female diva vox. Unbelievable.

Our neighbours downstairs who I only ever hear screaming or fighting. So much life. So real.

Buying flowers for my girlfriend and walking down the street feeling like a massive asshole. True story. Even though its a really nice thing to do, like going to get flowers or whatever, the public nature of the gift kind of ruins the good intent. Feel real embarrassed, like I feel embarassed playing live. Feel like a real jerk all the time. Also feel like a jerk on the phone, my workmate described me as losing my personality on the phone or something. So grim.

Lack of "Faux Tuscan" in Wellington, sublimated into this pomo Colonial bullshit. Seriously bleak six story villa hell heap in Aro Valley, with concrete base( like all Villas right?) with in built garages. Unbelievably phoney.

Also inexplicable continual investment in apartment construction for what must be zero return ever. Real great false economy.

Some customer bought that book "How to Talk to Girls" written by a seven year old which is troubling enough even though it offered salient advice and almost impossibly great marketable potential, it still has really insidious undertones and a terrifying back cover with the kid looking all slicked back and able to score with girls even taller than him or something. No one bought "Revolutionary Road" which I replaced the "How to Talk to Girls" with. Even though its way better than "How to Talk to Women". Even though it contains dialogue like "Tell me the truth, Frank.Remember that? We used to live by it. And you know what's so good about the truth? Everyone knows what it is, however long they've lived without it. No one forgets the truth, Frank.They just get better at lying." It doesn't even have like Leonardo Di Caprio/Kate Winslet on the front cover. Definitely film adaptation book covers ruin the book for me.

Rob Lowe

1 It happened only once. It left a sort of sour feeling in my mouth and looked really ugly, a little digital smear.