Centennial 200th Post

Madeleine walked into the room smiling clumsily, with her teeth red with blood from her operation. Post operation, looking like a real diva. Regular "belle of the ball." She was real endearing while all morphened up, and I removed her trousers and shoes and put her into our bed. She kind of just flopped around and smiled a lot. Had nothing but jelly and icecream for dinner, like a child who won the lottery and could eat what she wanted when she wanted and had a real fancy chef coming in with icecream and jelly all the time. How much wish fullfillment was going on in the films "Blank Cheque" and "Richy Rich"?

At least 60% of the entire film. Fact.

Even now, Madeleine is eating icecream.

In business news, got interviewed by Radio New Zealand and it is up here with me being self effacing and edited. Also interview with Rip It Up Magazine, New Zealand's only remaining music magazine that isn't free but the interview can be found here. Basically the end of promotion for the Aztecs. Didn't really recoup printing costs on the album. So bleak.

Why not buy the album? I bought a ticket to go to Christchurch which, you know, is going to be the holiday of the year. Really want to "make good" on my brother's investment in the album, and throw down five hundred dollars on his bedroom floor and be all nonchalant about it. Just blasé as hell, like its no deal rather than like "that is five months of saving" thanks to my real successful savings routine essentially boiling down to me spending everything on delicious food. He said the album is a "grower" which is muted praise and what he wanted to say was "buy, buy buy."