On the virtues of possum merino

"Is that 'possum merino'?"
"Why... yes it is. Actually it's a possum merino nylon blend. Why do you ask?"
"Its just that I have the exact same colour jumper, just here."
"Incredible. It is the best isn't it."
"It sure is. I don't know why everyone doesn't wear possum merino."

Would love to have more awkward conversations with middle aged people on the undeniable benefits of possum merino as a fabric choice, on how the possum fibre's hollowness allows more warmth, on how it is hard wearing and retains its softness. But most people wearing possum merino are wearing accessories, possum merino gloves or socks or hats, and it's not the same. I mean, it's an undeniably great fabric choice, but really I feel only a proper bond for people in possum merino jumpers. Pressing issues of my life this winter.