On oxblood

When my sister came to visit, she got out of her flight attendant uniform and put on her oxblood trousers. Fact, this season's oxblood trousers are last season's trousers. Such are the whims of fashion, currently oxblood seems to be dominating the colour war for alternate colours of trousers. I mean, obviously, black is really winning but among the potentially limitless other colours available, the trend is for the colour that most resembles cattle getting slaughtered.1 Not that oxblood is by any means ubiquitous. My sister was striving not to stand out amongst Wellington's icy street cool cognoscenti or something, but to still to look great- which she did. But then my sister is a really pretty girl so what does it matter? Anyway, oxblood is a real big deal. As are these sort of cape things in which girls can insert their arms. I saw one today and thought the girl looked like she was in a fantasy film or something. I don't know what is worse, my naivety in regards to capes or the garment itself?2

Fact, oxblood is a pretty horrible concept for a colour. Also on colourlover.com, because these sort of sites exist, only twenty one people like it.

Sophie and I saw "Meeks Cutoff" which I liked and she didn't like, we also had Pizza which we both agreed was pretty disappointing. Thanks a lot Rydges hotel chain. Also the curtains in the room were unbelievably garish and ugly. Maybe okay for a middle age couple trying to spice up their increasingly dull sex lives through role playing some sort of escapist fantasy through sex in a fancy hotel, but can these curtains really save a marriage on the brink?

Probably not.

1. Probably best to not Youtube Cattle slaughtering, it is worse than you can imagine.
2. Definitely the garment.