Unbelievably Exciting Things That Happened In The Weekend

1. Went food shopping and the checkout assistant kept giving me knowing looks, and then was like "are you working today?" I looked at him sort of confused, and then he was like "You don't work here?" I looked at what I was wearing, and what he was wearing. Lets just say, I am never wearing my blue button down oxford and grey business pants again to New World. Grievous error.

2. Got locked out of my house and constructed an elaborate and effective shield around my food shopping that I didn't want to carry around because food shopping is heavy. Shield was a large piece of cardboard that used to be the cardboard that encased our new heater. The heater it turns out isn't really enough to combat the icy temperature. The food shield was to protect the food from the marauders and thieves that are apparently marauding the neighbourhood, and necessitate locking the door even when we are inside the flat.

3. Nothing exciting actually happened this weekend.

Unbelievably exciting things that could have happened this weekend

1. Spending spree! Spent all my savings on consumer goods/nice shirts. Benefits would include at least twenty new shirts.

2. Belich hunting, gone in search of the elusive New Zealand historian James Belich.

3. Ironed every item of clothing in my room with the fancy iron I purchased as a real romantic gift for my girlfriend.

4. Gone out and bought other really romantic gifts for girlfriend, mostly a food processor. If had gone ahead with option 1), option 4) would be impossible. Its important to balance possibilities with realism.

5. Walked as far as I could possibly walk away from Wellington, with no turning back and abandoned everything for a life on the road. Life would be tough but maybe more rewarding.

6. Stalked the marauders in our incredibly unsafe neighbourhood, engendered some social change by highlighting the negative impact said lifestyle was having on the local community, and more personally, me being locked out of my house for at least a half hour. Became best friends and always hung out with marauders, accepted into their close knit society.

7. Stared admiringly at new social realist sculpture of rugby all weekend. Would have really learnt something. Maybe.

8. Finished off eighth Mount Pleasant album.

9. Hung out with the editor of the New Oxford History of New Zealand, maybe go to Te Papa and then a dinner or something. Could have gone to Bad Teacher. Maybe gone out dancing.

10. Slept all weekend. Probably impossible.

So many options, so many great blogging opportunities in Wellington. Life really is better in the big city.