On Storms

Stormy nights remind me of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, the book not one of the sixteen film adaptations of the book, and it is a really stormy night tonight. Its stormy like the film "The Perfect Storm", except instead of mountainous CGI waves, it's just sleet and rain. "The Perfect Storm" on dry land would definitely have been a less exciting movie, full disclosure I remember nothing about the film except the climatic scene in which the boat goes on this really big wave, a wave so large that it is almost inconceivable. The sea is mysterious. I feel Bill Paxton might have been in the Perfect Storm, but solely on the fact that from about 1996-9 Bill Paxton was a real big deal on the summer blockbuster circuit, see also the inexplicable career of Shia La Bouf.1

Even fuller disclosure. When I was 13, I had three full distinct posters from the film Titanic in my room.

Bill Paxton was in Titanic. Connection? Not really. I really feel his career took a dive when he didn't star in Dante's Peak. When I think of Bill Paxton, he is staring out of a window into a stormy sky and ruing so many decisions in his life. And I think about Bill Paxton way too much.

Every day, Bill Paxton. Brooding.

Today at work found a book that cost 75 dollars, it was a small facsimile of a Mary Shelley tour diary on her grand tour with her beau Percy Bysshe Shelley- fact check Percy - Bysshe isn't a real name.

Also, while on the Romantic poetry theme/late eighteenth century hearthrob blog theme - (essentially turning this blog into a Smash Hits circa 1784) what is with Percy's weak lip structure?2 Also real pale complexion - slight ruddiness so gets at least some degree of approval, also have you read "To a Skylark"? It's powerful/transformative. Also weird collar, trying to look "romantic", ends up looking undressed. What is this painting for? It seems too impoverished for a proper portrait, it almost seems like a snapshot.

Madeleine read through this blog post and was all like "I look like Shelley", by "I" she was referring to herself, I look like Byron - obviously. But Maddie has way better lips. Otherwise its a moot point.

He looks so serious. So inscrutable. Still sort of ambling along on this blog post really ultimately thinking about how great Titanic/ Water themed movies are. Also movies with sports in them. And talking animals. Playing sports? While in water?

Honestly, life doesn't get better than this.

1 Posthumously, as in when looking back on the great lull of 2008-2018, Shia La Bouf will be a real "you had to be there" sort of thing.
2. Not even really sure if Smash Hits is a girls magazine with teen pop sensations in it, pretty sure my sister used to get them though with 5ive on the front cover. What happened to 5ive? They grew up or something, times changed. Do they regret their decisions in life? Maybe it's too soon to tell.