When I was younger and more impressionable, my parents had a fire escape strategy that was sort of implausible but also really great as an idea. My parents were definitely ideas people. Growing up privileged in Mount Pleasant had its perks -mostly pacific ocean views and long hot summers. Also that in the event of a fire trapping us on the third storey of the house, we were meant to open up the window in my sisters room, throw her bed out of the window and land on the bed and escape the fire. The plan was sort of hazy, and probably would have been improved in the event of a fire. However, I always sort of wanted to at least attempt the window leap onto bed as a hypothetical, even though it might have ruined my sisters bed. She had her room painted from a grey, to a gaudy pink which would have been the last wall paint colour from the house I would have seen when pushing open the window to escape from the house on flames, or not on flames if it was a trial run. The drop wasn't too far, but probably far enough that it could have resulted in, you know, a broken leg or something. Also as the pushing of the bed out of the window was never really explored, whether you could actually get enough velocity to propel the bed out of the gap in the window, whether the bed would clear the edge of the eaves and fall flat on the hillside garden below. These were unresolved issues within the fire escape plan. Had a reoccurring dream of flight as a child, in which if I ran as fast as I could I would be able to take off and fly low and fast, as long as I didn't have to repeat the trick in front of anyone. I think about that a lot. Sat up last night thinking about my parents sitting outside the home, on deck chairs on February 22nd. Thought about a lot of things.