On the ever expanding universe

The house is a labyrinthine mess of staircases that lead to nowhere, doors that open to walls, and exterior windows sitting uncomfortably in the middle of the house.

The second famed window is one designed by Tiffany himself for Mrs. Winchester. This window was designed so that when the light hits the crystals just so, the room will be filled with thousands of rainbow prisms. Sadly, due to the poor placement of the piece, this will never be seen. It is located in a room with no direct light, as well as being built facing a wall.1

So wrote a really long winded blog post, we are talking over a thousand words- that is like paragraph after painful paragraph, about how much I was reading into this building- which was heaps - lets just say if I see a flying buttress that isn't actually supporting anything, it definitely deserves a footnote. But then it got massively long winded and confused. All doubled back on itself. Aimed for "Borges" got "not Borges." So you could just read about the Winchester "Mystery" House, maybe try looking at some photos of the interiors or something. I don't know, maybe go for a walk? Try finding the Marika Papagika album, sounds real distant but intimate.