Worked 8.30am-5.30pm
Ate sandwiches on walk home - three vegetarian sandwiches. 1
Read "The Economist"
Kept real quiet when workmates where questioning why anyone wouldn't appreciate the Rolling Stones. Just wanted to be "part of the gang."
Felt for large periods of the day like I wasn't "part of the gang" except when eating croissants and consumed with internal happiness.
Also putting on a french accent when selling "pain au chocolat" but not "pain raisin", because most people are like 'can I have a swirly raisiny thing?"
Thought a lot/considerably about the word "avuncular"
Didn't complete crossword.
Looked at potential possum merino investments.
Had a minute long conversation with attractive older brunette and distinguished grey guy about the merits of biscotti. No one was a fan.
Had a much shorter conversation with less attractive and more older woman where the singular of biscotti is biscotto. It was informative.
Watched silent movie about Japanese internment camps.
Watched almost silent panned shot of empty mall with eerie non eerie mall music which was probably contemporary pop but now is probably post contemporary pop couldn't really tell.
Read about Me262s and the German operational jet fighter program.
Read about the career of Cuba Gooding Junior.
Read about Libya.
Watched an old news report about the Crystal Cathedral. Can't believe that place. 2
Was going to contribute 25 dollars to my brothers charity, but instead sat around reading about Nicholas Cages new disappointing looking film. I don't know if it is more disappointing for Nicholas Cage or Nicole Kidman. Or both of them in differing ways. Nicholas Cage looks like Colonel Gaddafi.
Cuba Gooding Junior makes me feel sad.
1 Bread, Feta, Marinated Capsicum, Tomato, consistency : softer than should have been, that consistency that, as a child, would have probably thrown away, but now as an adult just ate silently and begrudgingly.
2. So corporate christian.