On television

I went around to Tobias' and Gabrielle was on the computer looking at photographs of Polar Bears surrounded by horror movie levels of blood while finishing off other Polar Bears/ a horses head - an image that sort of made me feel sick to the stomach, but not actually.1 I didn't eat after it, but I wasn't really hungry or anything. It was also about eleven at night, so wasn't feeling overly peckish. Anyway, I have this vague impression that Polar Bears should be sort of not so blood thirsty, and more inclined to just sort of playfully roll around all day. As if they were you know, just playful lil guys messing around all the time in this endless bleak Arctic tundra that is dissipating, throwing snowballs at each other, just sorting out their work/life balance in the best possible way. I don't know, there was this news report on their situation, hence the photo search for Polar Bears, and they are looking unbelievably forlorn and shabby, just kind of loafing around with nothing better to do as their pristine ice lifestyle is turning into a walking nightmare, or sort of more into the end of the line for the species. It was sort of sad, but at the same time the report did feature heavily sedated Polar Bears getting airlifted by helicopter out of this godless icebound shack town in Alaska. If the entire news cycle was dominated by bears in big nets, it could really be something.


1. Greater issues with that particular photograph mostly included the question: Why are there horses in the Arctic? There wasn't really an answer.