On work

Angus this morning was there, as I was in the book shop, looking tired but the sun was , you know, streaming through the window like it had nothing else to do, like it was "nobodies business." We were just standing there minding my business, for me at 8.00AM I am mostly thinking about really great cereal I could be eating if I had thought ahead.

Little known fact, I am real crazy about cereal. Aren't you? I used to have this thing in which I had to try all the cereals in the cereal aisle, not obsessively, but mostly because you don't know what you could be missing? This is a lie. Ultimately its mostly just like different varieties of the same corn/bran base with variations of fruit/sugar; but there is always that elusive promise of something unbelievable. I mean who knew how great Pams Bran and Sultana was going to be? It is almost as great as the Homebrand Cornflakes used to be, I kind of feel the more the food resembles the texture of cardboard the better it is. I guess its a subjective thing.1 You know, taste. Anyway, all great things/hobbies come to an end, like my foray into model World War 2 airplane building when I was about age thirteen.2 Mostly that ended because of massive jealousy at my friends model airplane making ability. He is an accountant now. I don't really know what conclusions to draw from that.

This morning was in objective terms a pretty great morning, well maybe not like objective, maybe subjective? I don't know, I don't really have time to think about such things as I am living my corporate high flying dream. Life is real tough when you are chasing the big dollars, and by big dollars and I really talking about just above minimum wage. Which is okay you know? I mean I work hard and sleep real early or something. Anyway I was just "chasing up an order" or something, when the New Zealand Herald lady came in. Usually its this sullen guy who looks haunted by life's bad decisions. Always with a sort of pained expression on his never shaven face. Anyway today it was a different lady. Admittedly she might have been in all the time. Usually I am too busy "crunching numbers/figures"/ "making fiscal realities"/ sitting around with my head in my hands wishing for death. She came in and she was also really sullen, wore this shapeless patterned hoodie with the hood up dropped the four New Zealand Heralds off and walked outside. Didn't even believe in making any sort of chit chat, some sort of heresy or anything. I am okay with this, I have to call people on the phone all day. So yeah, if I could I would just be like whatever. So blase.

She went out to her car which was some sort of Mazda, real round and friendly coloured. Probably fifteen per cent friendlier than she was. She sat in the car and was like furiously cleaning a compact disc. So I walked past and walked to my office, because I have an office and eventually she drove passed me blasting the Cranberries hit single "Zombie" and like looking implacable, so determined. SO she was driving off and as I walked past at least the two people that were walking at 8.06AM in the morning were humming "Zombie."

This story was way better at the time.

1. I am being completely serious. Really upset that they stopped making the Homebrand cornflakes. One of the breakfast cereal companies huge mistakes/the worlds great losses.
2. Real poignant reinvention occurred around about this time when I changed my room from hyper masculine airplanes of the world, you know like four page fold outs of harrier jumpjets, to posters of the movie Titanic and then like teen hits magazine. So bleak. It was like, crystallised in the awkwardness of teenage bad decisions like thinking that lene marlin was the real deal or something and taping Lene Marlin inclusive (not exclusive, would have been impossible/not that great) mixtapes off the radio and, you know, killing the music industry. Real hard to type this with the sound of my neighbour vomiting at 5.15pm in the afternoon. Unbelievable.