On predicting the future

1. The future is going to look really similar to the movie "The Fifth Element".

2. Music will stabilise at a constant revival of 1998 club music.

3. The actor Ben Affleck will die.

4. Humans are going to be able to sort of just fly real soon. As in a dream, just sort of be able to walk outside and then start flying. Things will be way more dream like, you will be on a trip to Cuba in some sort of boat that seems really womb like, and put in lolly teeth, those lollies that are made to look like teeth, on your upper teeth and some stress ball that has a complete set of lower teeth and you put them both in and your face transforms into Groucho Marx for no apparent reason, as teeth aren't really his defining feature or anything- kind of find Groucho Marx's greasepainted mustache fills me with existential dread whenever I think about it, some sort of black insight into his soul or something . I don't know, makes Duck Soup and the other zany Marx bros adventures way more frightening. I think this is just a personal critique I have of Marx brothers films. Then for no real reason, as you were meant to be going to Cuba, also for no real reason, you are in the Grand Canyon and its okay because you are just sort of "going with the flow."

5. Anal tassles will be a big thing.1

6. Genetic engineering is going to start getting really great with like unicorns and dragons. I mean why the hell not? Seriously let down by contemporary developments in scientific research in this area. Consistently let down. Also the way in which cloned animals die, really disappointing. Only good thing going in science at the moment is the Hadron collider.

7. The Hadron collider may potentially spin out and destroy the world.

8. Everyone will be really confused about why Skateboarding was such a big deal, and we will be lumbered having to explain all about Skateboarding to "the kids" even though we never cared for it. This will lead to lots of bitterness and resentment.

9. Flying cars will never happen.

10. Mayans will literally raise from the dead and start their civilisation again. This may lead to the end of the world.

11. People will stop "caring" and just sort of "go with the flow"

12. There will be all these empty skateboarding parks everywhere.
1. Madeleine's predictions are way cruder than mine.