On mirages

Some woman at work sent through this little heartbreaking email. She was like:
" I am emailing to enquire if you have any books on the science behind mirages, and how to make a mirage. I imagine you have quite a number of titles that will have some information on mirages, perhaps a chapter, but what I would like is a whole book."1
I did a cursory search, because there is nothing better than hunting for obscure requests and this was such an oblique request as ultimately mirages are just an optical effect not a real science. And you know, reading about mirages on wikipedia is a really great way to pass the day. There is one seminal work on mirages I guess. That is about the best I could find. It opened up a real Borgesian labyrinth, you know. Why did she wish to make a mirage? No one knows. If she could some how construct mirages where would she construct them. For what purpose? Almost had generations of pre Aristotelian science to draw on for those many books on mirages in this hidden library of mirages. As if this intangible request was actually acutely necessary or something, as if we could draw on our vast mirage section. That would somehow dissipate when we got close to it, and only appeared when there was enough heat and distance between it and us. I had beautiful crystalline visions, you know of some glass faced cathedral of mirage literature.
1. This is basically what she wrote, it is not exact.